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Chrome & Stainless Polish helps keep both new and older boat metals looking their best by quickly and easily removing grit, grime and grease from metal surfaces. After a light buffing the formula leaves a protective barrier on metal surfaces to help prevent future pitting, salt deposits, and discoloration from rust and corrosion. -

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Cleans and shines all chrome and stainless steel surfaces in one easy step. Protects against pitting, discoloration, staining and/or rusting. Easy to use. Wipe on, wipe off formula. Resists salt and water spray. Bonds to metal for long lasting protection. Also good for copper, tin and brass. Leaves a dazzling shine. Quickly removes surface corrosion. Provides a barrier to future stains and corrosion. Removes dirt, grime, salt deposits, surface rust. No hard buffing needed to clean surface.

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