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FLOATING CASE INCLUDED Get away from it all, the big wide-open spaces await. The TREKKER-X3, the waterproof, tough and stylishly designed smartphone by Crosscall, guarantees you new and unique outdoor experiences. Capture every moment with its 16MP camera and relive all your experiences on its FULL HD 5″ screen. Study your environment with the help of its multiple embedded outdoor sensors and analyse data with the native X3-SENSORS application. Can’t wait? Enjoy ultra-fast and wireless charging and head off on new adventures with a fully-charged battery.-

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Great care has been taken to ensure the TREKKER-X3 doesn’t let you down: it has a built-in metal plate to ensure it remains rigid and TPU protection (or Bumpers) has been added to the most vulnerable areas. The 5″ screen is also protected by GORILLA Glass 4™, which is sufficiently technical and solid to withstand scratches and is especially flexible for shock absorption.
Nothing can stop you now. The TREKKER-X3 has a certified IP rating of 67 and protects against all types of liquid: freshwater, saltwater and even chlorinated water. It even keeps out oil. It also protects against dirt and dust.
Thanks to its Full HD 5″ 1920 x 1080 pixels Gorilla Glass 4™ screen, you can view your photos and videos with picture-perfect clarity. Its Wet Touch technology even allows you to use it with wet fingers!
With its 16MP, its 2.0 aperture, its carefully produced polished lenses, an autofocus designed especially for action shots, the TREKKER-X3’s SONY camera certainly lives up to its promises. The front 8MP camera is ideal for taking memorable selfies. You can now shoot in slow motion and enjoy every movement in all your videos.
The TREKKER-X3 is equipped with a 3500 mAh battery; you won’t find anything as powerful on other smartphones. Benefit from an energy saving mode that only uses the basic functions and so keeps the smartphone in use for longer. Can’t wait? The TREKKER-X3 has a quick charge mode that will charge 80% of the battery in less than 1 hour as well as a unique wireless charger.
Master all types of terrain with the TREKKER-X3’s embedded sensors. With its thermometer, hygrometer, barometer and altimeter you can measure the climate conditions and anticipate the kit you will need, your food or hydration requirements when out on a hike, for example. An accelerometer, magnetometer, GPS and gyroscope will enable you to detect the most fleeting of movements or measure a journey.
So you can read all the raw data gathered by the TREKKER-X3’s sensors, Crosscall has developed the X3 SENSORS application that is embedded in the smartphone. Beyond simply reading data, this application allows the user to better understand and analyse the values as well as their limits.
It’s the handy little features that really make this into the standout product it is. The packaging for the TREKKER-X3 can also be used to charge your smartphone. You simply need to plug in the USB-C cable supplied into the back of the box and position the TREKKER-X3 above it to begin wireless charging.

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