Starbrite Teflon Polish 1000 ml

Starbrite Teflon Polish 1000 ml

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Premium Marine Polish with PTEF is simply the best polish you can buy. The PTEF polymers provide unmatched protection against UV rays, seal the surface to repel stains and deliver a deep, long-lasting gloss. Application is simple, whether by hand or with a buffer; apply, let dry to a haze and wipe off. Use once per year to keep new and restored boats looking their best. Ideal for all fiberglass, metal, glass or painted surfaces. Note: if surface is oxidized or hazy, use One Step Heavy Duty Cleaner Wax with PTEF. -

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'The ultimate protection for fiberglass, metal & painted surfaces. UV inhibitors help stop fading and oxidation. For medium to heavy oxidation, use Premium Cleaner Wax. Maximum UV Protection & Shine. Increases Hull Speed. PTEF is the slickest, non-stick material ever developed - it repels water and oil based stains and deposits, making future cleanup quick and easy. Specially formulated for use on fiberglass, metal, plexiglass and painted surfaces and can be applied over old wax or polish. Lasts up to 4 to 5 times longer than other marine waxes. PTEF is Star brite's registered trademark name for polytetraflouroethylene. Cod. 085732 Size 950 ml.'

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