Nautic Clean 06 Coatinium Nano-Wax Shampoo 5lt

Nautic Clean 06 Coatinium Nano-Wax Shampoo 5lt

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Developed for frequent boat washings, Coatinium ® nano-wax shampoo does not alter the gelcoat, or paint; on the contrary, it protects and revives them. Another advantage, it helps to clean and protect all supports such as :

stainless steel – glass – plexiglas – wood – plastic – covers, etc…
New formula which has the advantage to deposit a nanofilm to protect against water, which repels dirt, sea spray, algae. Its nano hydrophobe effect permanently removes a maximum of water by «lotus» effect when rinsing. The deposited nanofilm accentuates and revives the colours, creating a deep and unequalled, shiny effect even on dull paint. Due to its neutral pH and its components of vegetable origin, it respects health and environment.

We recommend to handle the product with care. Wear the suitable protective equipment.

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